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Becky Shaw

Houston Press

"That this whole production comes together so strongly is thanks to Kelsey McMillan’s firm yet creative directorial hand. McMillan keeps her cast like rubber bands stretched to the max, just waiting to shoot off at each other. This tension along with her astute ability to create lifelike arguments where characters interrupt and talk over each other brings an extra fizz to the already crackling dialogue. But its McMillan’s in between scene staging that most caught our attention.

To counter the explosive banter of almost every scene, McMillan slows things down and smartly allows us to catch our breath for a moment. Before exiting the stage, she has her characters sit still in silence as if each personally trying to grapple with what they just said and heard. We watch them work things through as we ourselves digest each new shift in plot and behavior. It’s a small but powerful effect that renders the rest of the play all the more intoxicating thanks to the reflective pause."

              - Jessica Goldman


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